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Welcome to Grand View's Spanish Immersion Program, the first and only 90:10 immersion model in all of LAUSD. Celebrating 30 yearsthe longest running LAUSD Spanish Immersion programwe offer students the opportunity to learn a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment, all while becoming fluent and biliterate in two languages.  

Our fully-credentialed, bilingual teachers have an average of 10 years experience, and include National Board Certified Teachers. We follow the same state curriculum frameworks and grade level content standards as all public elementary schools in California.

Your Commitment

Families are asked to commit to our Spanish Immersion Program through 5th grade to achieve our goals of fluency and literacy for students in both English and Spanish, and prepare them for future success. Our program spans ETK, TK, Kindergarten and 1st through 5th grade.

After elementary school, students have the opportunity to keep their language skills growing strong right here on LA's Westside at Mark Twain Middle School's Dual Language Program and Venice High School's World Languages and Global Studies Magnet.

Get to Know Us

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How well do students perform in immersion programs?

In well-implemented programs, both native English speakers and native speakers of the partner language tend to do as well or better in English, the partner language, and tests of academic achievement than their peers in other educational programs. For specific research on student performance, read here.

No habla español?

No problema! Read here to help your kids speak, read & write in Spanish even if you can't.

7 Reasons for Immersion

Why Immersion? by The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at Univ. of Minnesota 

Why we believe in 90:10

Kindergarten students at Grand View are immersed using the 90:10 model. They begin with 90% academic instruction in Spanish, with approximately 10% more English added each year until 4th and 5th grades, when the instruction is 50% English and 50% Spanish. Why?

Studies show that students who are more fully immersed early on in the 90:10 model vs. the 50:50 model achieve higher levels of bilinguism. Grand View is the first and the only LAUSD school to offer 90:10 Spanish Immersion since 1990.

Program Goals

  • Ability to think, speak, read, and write fluently in English and Spanish
  • Academic achievement at or above grade level in English and Spanish
  • Development of positive cross-cultural relationships
  • Literacy is developed first in Spanish for all students, and English literacy begins in 1st grade
  • Fluency and literacy in both languages by 5th grade

Program Benefits

  • ​Team teaching provides mutual support
  • K-5th teachers are native speakers, including three National Board Certified or Master awarded teachers, and have an average of 10+ years experience
  • Students gain academic, social and linguistic skills that will give them strong advantages now and in future college and career searches
  • Learning a second language stimulates the brain to develop higher level reasoning skills which transfer to complex critical thinking in math, science, and language arts
  • Students receive the amazing benefits of being bilingual, biliterate and bicultural citizens of our diverse world