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Enrollments & Permits

.General Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment is first come, first served
  • Submit completed forms from application packet (carbon form is in triplicate -- complete all three white pages)
    • Proof of child's age (birth certificate, baptismal certificate or passport)
    • Immunization Record (see required immunizations at bottom of page)
    • Proof of Residency (current gas or electric bill, current lease or rental agreement in parent or guardian's name)
    • Valid Photo ID of parent or guardian appearing in person to enroll child​
  • Questions? Call (310) 390-3618


Who needs a permit?

If Grand View is your home school (school of residence), simply come in to enroll as soon as possible for the base English program. You do not need a permit. If Grand View is not your home school, you DO need a permit (see below for which kind). Space in our Spanish Immersion Program starts with completing an eChoices application and then an enrollment packet. It is important to complete the on-time eChoices application in November to ensure the likelihood of your child being accepted into our program as we expect to fill our classrooms.

To verify your home school, enter your home address at this school finder.

Permit Application Process

There are two types of permits: intra-district and inter-district.

1). Intra-district Permit Transfers (school-to-school transfers within LAUSD)

Grand View Blvd. Elementary School is in the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you live within LAUSD but Grand View is NOT your home school, you need an intra-district permit application (below). If you are interested in attending our Spanish Dual Language Program you would need to complete a two step process. The first step is to submit an eChoices application. Your eChoices application serves as your permit request, no further permit paperwork is required. If you are interested in attending our base program, you may obtain a permit application from Grand View or your home school. The completed application requires two signatures: one from your resident school principal and one from Grand View's Principal Fletcher. 

2). Inter-district Permit Requests (permitting in from another district outside LAUSD)

Grand View is in the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you live outside LAUSD boundaries, you will need to complete an inter-district permit application and submit it online. We offer space to out-of-district students on a first-come, first-served basis. Questions about Inter-District Permits? Call their department directly at (213) 202-7581.

Required Immunizations

UPDATE: TB (Tuberculosis) tests are not required for students. (Parents who volunteer on campus will require a TB test.)

New students will not be enrolled unless a written immunization record provided by a physician or the health department is presented at the time of enrollment and immunizations are current. In your application packet, there are forms your doctor must complete at the time of your child's kindergarten checkup. Immunizations are required to enroll a student in LAUSD Schools.  Please consult with your doctor to determine that your child has had the required number of doses of each for kindergarten enrollment.

Spanish Immersion Enrollment Update

The application for Dual Language Programs are now centralized through the Unified Enrollment process.  The application window for late registration begins on February 1st, 2023. Parents, both resident or non-resident, must apply through the Choices paper application or online at http://echoices.lausd.net


The demand for our Spanish Immersion Program is reaching unprecedented levels. If we are full, you will be placed on a wait list and you will be called if and when space becomes available.


Q: How can you be sure you'll get your home school principal's release signature?

A: In LAUSD, if a Specialized Program such as our Spanish Immersion Program is not offered at your home school, it is your child's right to attend such a program if space is available.