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Wish Lists

Want to know what your teacher would love most for the classroom? Find out below!

It's easy to donate wish list items! Parents can organize a group gift or donate as a family.

And when you order from the wish lists on this page, Grand View gets fundraising proceeds!

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Pre-K J.L. Albala Wish List

Pre-K H. Erlich Wish List

Kinder K. Lehrman Wish List

Kindergarten Y. Flores Wish List

Kindergarten M. Gomez Wish List

Kindergarten R. Benavides Wish List

Kindergarten Y. Lopez Wish List

First Grade M. Lopez Wish List

First Grade J. Dastur Wish List

Second Grade L. Galvan Wish List

Second Grade B. Sanchez Wish List

Second Grade S. Calo Wish List

Third Grade A. Leyva Wish List

Third Grade M. Dickason Wish List

Fourth and Fifth Grades S. Telona & C. Blond Wish List

Special Ed P. Tse Wish List