Principal's Message

Located in the heart of the charming Mar Vista neighborhood, Grand View Boulevard Elementary is home to a unique blend of tradition, progressivity and diversity. We offer three long-running programs: The oldest and most successful Spanish Immersion Program in all of LAUSD (and the only one to offer a 90/10 immersion model), an engaging Common Core-based English Learning Academy, and a highly developed and acclaimed Special Needs Program.  View our highlight video. Read More.  
At Grand View we share a passion for discovery and a love of the arts. We model for our students an enthusiasm for learning, a reverence for books and storytelling, and an affinity for multicultural song and dance. We organize and host an exceptional amount of school events and celebrations each year, including multiple dance and singing recitals, theme dress-up days, a book fair week, special celebrations for various multicultural holidays, a sweetheart dance, and free informational lectures for parents, just to name a few. For Kinder and lower grade students, we incorporate singing, dance, movement and student participation into the classrooms to keep them engaged and optimistic about learning.
One of the distinguishing aspects of our school is that students in our Special Education program often work alongside their typical peers. In interacting with one another, our students learn the importance and necessity of the four Core Values revered at our school: Diversity, Tolerance, Empathy, and Respect.
In addition to our instructional programs, we offer a variety of in-school and after-school enrichments including art and science education, social-emotional learning, a garden program based on ecological awareness and sustainability, and a comprehensive physical education program. Our enrichment programs are further strengthened through partnership with local community groups, including P.S. ARTS, Urban Arts, the Garden School Foundation, the Mar Vista Farmer's Market, the Chinese Language School of Southern California, Windward School, Ready-Set-Go, and LA's Best.

Parental and teacher involvement is also very evident in our school, as demonstrated by a rapidly growing PTA and an active, informative Parent Center. With passion and caring as the backdrop for learning, discovery and growth, Grand View offers a nourishing academic environment in which we value people and community while fostering a spirit of enthusiasm for learning. Go Dragons!

Ryann Fletcher , Principal