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Welcome to our School!


Thank you for visiting our website. Grand View Boulevard Elementary is a thriving and dynamic school located in the heart of Mar Vista. One of our distinguishing hallmarks is that we offer a choice of three high-caliber instructional programs: 1) the oldest and most successful Spanish Immersion Program in LAUSD, 2) an English Learning Academy predicated on inquiry-based learning, and 3) a Special Education Program dedicated to meeting the needs of students with the full spectrum of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe.


In addition to our instructional programs, we offer a variety of enrichments that extend student learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Art education, social-emotional learning, a garden program based on ecological awareness and sustainability, and a comprehensive physical educational program are just a few opportunities accessible to all of our students. Our enrichment programs are further strengthened through partnership with local community groups, including P.S. ARTSUrban Arts the Garden School Foundation, the Mar Vista Farmer's MarketCouncil in Schools, the Chinese Language School of Southern CaliforniaWindward SchoolReady-Set-Go, and LA's Best. Parental involvement is of utmost importance at Grand View, reflected by a strong PTA and Parent Center.


Our parents consistently collaborate with our staff in finding ways to add to the quality of our programs and the overall well-being of our number one focus--our students.


Grand View's students come to us from diverse neighborhoods, backgrounds, and abilities. Students with various needs and disabilities work alongside their typical peers. In interacting with one another, our students learn the importance and necessity of Diversity, Tolerance, Empathy, and Respect. These are our core values, and they are what prompt our students, teachers, school staff, and parents to work together, making Grand View a nourishing academic environment in which we value people and community while fostering a spirit of enthusiasm for learning.


We are extremely proud to be the home of this vibrant community. It's no wonder so many families make Grand View their #1 choice.


Go Dragons!


- Ryann Fletcher, Principal