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The Pre-K classes are very proud of our school gardens. The kids started planting seeds in the fall. They water them and watch them sprout, then bloom and flower. Right now we are enjoying picking, washing and eating two kinds of lettuce, carrots, and sugar snap peas. The cosmos are blooming in different shades of pinks and white. After we are done harvesting these vegetables, we will plant cilantro, tomatoes and other veggies to make a yummy salsa. It is the best kind of science for 4 year olds, something we can do with all of our senses!


Kindergartners are naturally curious about the world in which they live. Science ideas and opportunities for scientific exploration are embedded and integrated throughout the Kindergarten Language Arts and English Language Development programs we use. The students have a chance to learn about weather and the changing seasons, as well as the life cycle changes of a butterfly, in our ELD unit, Changing Times. Our Open Court and Foro abierto units on Shadows and The Wind allow us to explore more Earth Science standards.

The Foss kits in our Science Center contain everything the students need to explore the properties of materials such as fabric, wood and paper. Springtime planting and year round garden boxes give the Kindergarten students the chance to observe and measure new plant growth. Animals and insects are always favorite subjects with our young learners. Foss kits and an integrated Language Arts curriculum provide our students with the opportunity to have fun exploring these topics.


The first grade’s science focus is on the scientific exploration of solids and liquids, plants and animals, and air and weather. The students experience hands on experiments in the science lab as well as in their classroom. The lessons provide opportunities for the students to observe, explore, and record their findings. Through science, the students develop their reading and writing skills and enhance their vocabulary.

During the solids and liquids investigation, the students observe, describe and record the properties of solid, liquids and gases. Students compare basic needs of plants and animals when they study the plants and animals unit. During Air and Weather unit, students explore the properties of air and observe the weather from day to day and over the seasons. 


Second graders have a very exciting hands-on, interactive science program here at Grand View. They learn about earth, physical and life sciences doing actual scientific investigations.  Earth science focuses on learning about rocks and fossils. Physical science teaches students about balance and motion. Life science centers around animal camouflage, plants and insects—that means LIVE insects, boys and girls!  In addition, students work in our science lab, school garden and participate in a school-wide science fair.


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5th grade students at Grand View get to be chemists, biologists, astronomers, meteorologists, and more! Topics in fifth grade science focus on learning critical science skills and include units on the following: Matter, mixtures & compounds; Living organisms and their processes & systems; and the Solar System, our water planet, the water cycle, and weather. Each unit includes hands-on, minds-on, research-based kits that give students opportunities to "do science" while learning science vocabulary, concepts and skills. Each unit also equips students to improve their reading and writing skills.


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Our students have been active scientists this school year! Highlights include:

  • Hands-on science projects in all grades, Pre-K through 5th grade
  • Thinking, discussing, reading, and writing about science
  • Natural History Museum's Earthmobile at our school
  • Science field trips
  • 5th Grade Science camp! Thank you Ms. Perez and all the parents who helped fundraise for the camp!