A Bridge Between Preschool and Kindergarten

When your child starts Kindergarten, it’s one of the biggest transitions they – and you as a parent – will make in their lifetime. Although Preschool provides an arena for social exploration and guidance, Kindergarten is often a child’s first introduction to both academics and a more structured, less impulsive environment. Here at Grand View, our Transitional Kindergarten and Extended Transitional Kindergarten programs are designed to offer children an early opportunity to develop the appropriate skills that will encourage a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

What is the difference between TK and ETK?
The birthdate of your child will determine whether they qualify for ETK or TK. ETK is for slightly younger children than TK. Both programs, though similar, alter in certain ways so as to adapt to their developmental level of the children they serve. (See chart at bottom for details).
What is Grand View's ETK and TK Curricula like?
At Grand View, our caring, dedicated teachers work toward a common goal: to gently guide your younger child toward academic and social readiness for Kindergarten. Our students engage in a well-planned schedule of activities, part social and part academic, which are designed to empower them with the seeds of skills that will help them succeed throughout the rest of their school years. Teachers are sensitive to the fact that each child has different needs, and work to accommodate each child in the way that child will respond the most positively. 
Our ETK and TK programs are based on The California Kindergarten Common Core State Standards, with focused instruction in literacy and numeracy. Since you TK or ETK child is not yet of Kinder age, the rate of learning is paced more slowly than that in Kinder. We emphasize supporting "readiness" rather than results.
Our program involves whole group interaction and activities, small group instruction, and independent, hands-on learning. We provide tools for healthy social engagement and self-regulation. Art, creativity, movement and song are tied into our curriculum to keep children engaged, focused and enthusiastic. TK and ETK students enjoy lunch and recess with their peers and participate in all Kinder activities such as music, art, and motor skills development throughout the year.
Please download the chart for specific differences between TK and ETK.