Grand View Boulevard Elementary


Windward School Partnership

The partnership between Grand View Blvd Elementary School and Windward School has been growing since the Fall of 2012. As neighbors, we believe that we have a wonderful opportunity to make connections between the learning and growth of our students through enrichment programs offered on the Grand View Blvd Elementary School campus and the Discovery Academy for Grand View Blvd students on the Windward School campus. We look forward to learning with you during the 2016-2017 school year!


After School Enrichment Programs - Fall 2016 (on the Grand View Blvd Elementary Campus)


Community Kids

Grades: TK - 1
Days: Tuesdays, September 27 - December 13 (NO CLASS November 15, 22, and 29)
Time: 2:05PM - 2:35PM

What does it mean to be a part of a community, and also a very special and unique individual? How do we celebrate each other’s differences? How do we connect with each other and care for each other? What do respect, empathy, and compassion look like? In this program, high school students from Windward’s Social Justice and Service Learning course will be bringing in fun, creative, community building activities to encourage us all to develop a deep understanding of, and appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us every day. Using the Anti-Bias Curriculum and exercises from Teaching Tolerance, we will spend the Fall semester learning to embrace difference, solve conflict, and create a climate of positive self and social identity.

Note: While this program is intended for younger students and is sure to be very active and engaging in content, it will also require a level of focus and sustained attention for the duration of the half-hour program.  Please keep this in mind when considering whether this program is right for your child!


Bilingual Books n Games

Grades: 2 - 5
Days: Thursdays, September 29 - December 15 (NO CLASS October 6, November 24)
Time: 3:30PM - 4:20PM
STUDENTS: Join an enthusiastic group of new friends - middle and high school student-mentors from Windward School - to speak, read and practice language skills in both English and Spanish through storybooks, creative activities, and board games!  No Spanish-speaking skills necessary - you’ve just got to love playing games, reading stories, and meeting people of all different ages.

PARENTS: By reading books with older student-mentors and engaging in activities that help their story comprehension, we support your child’s literacy development in both languages. By playing games like chess, checkers, Brainiac and other interactive games, we encourage their growth as critical thinkers and problem solvers.



Discovery Academy - Fall 2016 (on the Windward School Campus)

The Discovery Academy is an enrichment program offered one day a week on the Windward School campus for the students from our local partner school, Grand View Blvd Elementary. The purpose of the Discovery Academy is to offer programming to third, fourth, and fifth grade students that will enrich their learning in a variety of extracurricular areas, as well as offer them an interaction with resources available on our campus specific to our growing programs. The Discovery Academy will offer Windward students the opportunity to become student mentors in a subject matter that they feel passionate about. The learning gained by Grand View Blvd Elementary students and Windward students will be mutually beneficial and will continue our goals of building community and connections between the two schools.


Art Explorers

Lead teacher: Windward students, faculty advisor: Jennie Willens

Grades: 3 - 5
Days: Wednesdays, September 28 - December 14 (NO CLASS October 12, November 9 and 23)
Time: 3:30 PM drop off, 3:45PM - 4:45PM
Location: Windward School, 11350 Palms Blvd, Los Angeles, 90066

Art Explorers is a fun way to learn about many of the most important artists of history while making our very own works of art.  Each week we will look at a new artist from a different period of time or place, then create projects using their techniques.  Through these activities, we will build a set of skills and knowledge that leave a broader understanding and appreciation of visual art.  The students will take the projects in their own directions, stretching their creative capabilities and enjoying the satisfaction of producing something truly original.